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kcrWeatherization and Related Minor Home Repair
KCR assists income-eligible families, disabled and senior citizens by first doing an energy audit, then making home improvements, followed by energy education. Qualifying homes may receive help weatherizing their homes.

Home Weatherization services are available free of charge to low-income residents, both homeowners and renters. Review Eligibility Guidelines.    

Services that help save energy and money may include:

Repair of:
Heating Systems, Water Heaters

Insulation of:
Water Pipes
Wall/rim joists

Health and Safety Improvements such as:
Air Quality and Carbon Monoxide
Electrical Hazards

Everyone benefits from weatherization because it:
Lowers future costs of energy by conserving energy, thereby reducing the need to create new energy generation sources
Preserves homes affordable to low-income families
Improves health and safety of homes
Reduces energy usage and a home's carbon footprint
Improves the local economy by creating jobs and supporting business through the purchase of weatherization materials

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Review Eligibility Guidelines

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