When we came to KCR for help, we were facing eviction and on the verge of homelessness. As our family’s only source of income, my husband sustained a work injury to his right shoulder. He continued to try to work but simply couldn’t. Making matters worse, the person he was working for had no insurance and we were left without a financial recourse.

With no income coming in and medical bills mounting, we didn’t know how we were going to survive. Stressed to our max, we were both deteriorating physically and mentally.

We had sought housing assistance through the KCR Housing Solutions Center, but there were simply no openings available. Living in a hotel and facing eviction, we got a call from our KCR Housing Family Development Specialist, Brenda. She called to tell us that there was an opening at KCR’s Jackson Village. We immediately completed the application paperwork and were soon notified that we could move into what would be our new home.

This was the first good thing that had happened to us in a long time. The KCR staff moved heaven and earth to get us in quickly so that we would not be evicted from the hotel and left homeless.

It’s amazing, the difference a safe place to live can make on your physical and mental wellbeing. Having a home gave us a safe and stable place to live and gave us the chance to rebuild our lives. It allowed me to start addressing my health issues and focusing on starting a business. It allowed our son to concentrate on school and start making friends. It allowed my husband to have shoulder surgery, recover, and start school to pursue a new career.

Without KCR we would not have had these opportunities. We can finally see a future ahead and are so grateful.

Thank you.
Steve, Chris & Brian

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