For COVID-19 Rental or Mortgage Assistance, please see the following:

Informational flyer: KCR-Rent-Mortgage-Info-Flyer

Required Documents: COVID-19 Required Documents Rental and Mortgage Assistance

For COVID-19 Rental Assistance: Rental Assistance Package

For COVID-19 Mortgage Payment Assistance: Mortgage Assistance Package


COVID-19 Information Resources for Kitsap County:

Message from Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction – WA families get help to buy food during school closures OPI-PandemicEBT

If you have needs related to COVID-19 and do not qualify for other assistance programs, apply for KCR’s COVID-19 Urgent Relief Fund:

COVID-19 Relief Fund 2020 application             Recursos Comunitarios de Kitsap COVID19

Due to demand for assistance from this fund, please know that applications are being processed as they come in and depending on availability of funds, may be placed on a waiting list.

COVID-19 Relief Fund.  Help Your Neighbors in Kitsap Now!


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KCR Continues to Serve

KCR is an “Essential” business and continues to provide services to the community. Additional screening measures are in place at entrances in order to promote health and safety.

Click Here for Message from Executive Director Jeff Alevy

Un Mensaje del Director en Espanol



Kitsap Community Resources is an agency dedicated to creating hope and opportunity to low-income Kitsap County families by providing resources that promote self-sufficiency and stability.

In light of the racially charged civil unrest that has been taking place in this country, KCR reiterates that our mission as a community action agency was born out of the civil rights movement. We are a champion for equity and equality… regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender or age… <Read More>


Message from KCR’s board chair Shannon Turner:

KCR stands with our community to recognize what injustice has taken place and that it is time for it to be recognized and dealt with. We as a community are very lucky to have great leaders in place that are willing to listen and lead us in the right direction. KCR is an organization that fully supports everyone in the Kitsap community on a the basis of EQUITY and EQUALITY.” 

National Community Action Partnership issues statement:. 

“It’s not enough to feign verbal and distant support for non-racist causes. We must move beyond that into constructive anti-racist action… RACISM MUST END!”

CAP Statement on EO_May 2020 Violence

A Community Action Partnership.

55 Years. Helping People. Changing Lives.

Kitsap Community Resources (KCR) is a nonprofit social services agency. We are committed to creating hope and opportunity for all low-income Kitsap County residents by providing resources that promote self-sufficiency and stability. We exist with a clear vision of creating a community where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

For more information on how KCR meets community needs, please see our 2020 Community Needs Assessment and the summary of community surveys.

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