Business Education Support Training (BE$T)

The BE$T program works with entrepreneurs who are ready to start a new business or improve an existing one. Our program is open to all who are interested (regardless of employment or income levels) and it is also an approved Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP).  Graduates of our 8-week Business Basics class may be eligible to participate in our matched savings plan.

Mission & Purpose

Kitsap Community Resources Business Education Support & Training (BE$T) Program is committed to providing the business training and network of supportive community services and volunteer business professionals to enterprising individuals, including those with limited financial resources, to gain self-sufficiency through small business ownership.


Class Information

Scheduled Classes:  Online.

Orientation for the Spring class is March 23, 2021 with classes starting April 6, 2021.

For more information or to register for the free Orientation, please contact: BE$ or 360-473-2141.


Success Stories

The program has operated in Kitsap County since 2000, and over 1300 aspiring entrepreneurs have completed the course. In a typical year, BE$T helps over 30 new businesses launch in Kitsap County. In 2017, BE$T businesses hired over 60 employees contributing economic growth and stability to our community.

One local business owner expressed his participation in the program in this way, “I would not have succeeded without your help and guidance in making my dream a reality.

Business Owner Finds Needed Start-up Mentoring

The only program of its kind in the Olympic Peninsula, the KCR Business Education Support and Training (BE$T) program prepares graduates for starting and/or managing a successful Kitsap County business.

Tovie Wilkins, a BE$T program graduate, is the proud owner of the Barber Lounge in downtown Bremerton… More

BE$T Program Graduates

Employees Hired by BE$T Businesses in 2017

Average Number of Businesses Launched Each Year

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