The KCR Story

Kitsap Community Resources was established in 1965 as Kitsap Community Action Program (KCAP). It was authorized through passage of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, in conjunction with President Lyndon Johnson’s “War On Poverty” legislation.

As a result of Johnson’s directive to end poverty, community action agencies were formed and charged with the task of ending poverty through strategies designed by local communities.

KCR was born of this bold, creative movement where for the first time in history a nation seriously attempted to end poverty. Our mission, vision and core values form the foundation of the work KCR does to impact poverty in Kitsap County.

To learn more about KCR and those we serve, please click here to watch our video,Hope and Opportunity.



Mission – Our mission defines us!

Kitsap Community Resources is committed to creating hope and opportunity for low-income Kitsap County residents by providing resources that promote self-sufficiency and stability.

Vision – Our vision inspires us!

We envision a community in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Core Values – Our core values unite and guide us!

  • We value integrity, taking care to honor our commitments in an ethical manner.
  • We value compassion, genuinely empathizing with those we serve.
  • We value excellence, demonstrating a high level of performance in all we do
  • We value diversity, showing honor and respect to all individuals
  • We value collaboration, so we seek partners and partnership opportunities
  • We value teamwork, supporting our employees and partners.
  • We are committed to our mission, vision and core values because we are committed those we serve.


In its formative years KCR, then known as Kitsap Community Action Program, (KCAP) primarily functioned from outreach stations at Bethel Fire Hall near Port Orchard, a converted laundry building at West Park in Bremerton, and the American Legion Hall in Suquamish. Among its earliest programs were: Head Start, Neighborhood Youth Corps and Kitsap Youth Homes, now Sound Institute.

Over the years KCR originated or helped foster a number of important programs now successfully administered by other organizations in Kitsap County. These include: Senior Information and Assistance, Kitsap Community Health Centers (now: Peninsula Community Health Services), several of our community food banks, and the County Housing Authority, among others. We also played a role in forming Hospice of Kitsap, Sound Institute, Kitsap Habitat for Humanity and Bainbridge Helpline—all successful organizations serving low-income people, plus we were a major advocate for forming Kitsap Transit. These, of course, are all in addition to the current programs and services we provide.

KCR has had six Executive Directors to date: Bill Drake, Bonnie Loop, Larry Eyer, David Wunderlin, Jeff Alevy and Anthony Ives.

KCR currently employs approximately 135 full-time employees and 80 part-time employees in its role as the local Community Action Agency in Kitsap County. We serve the entire county through facilities in Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Silverdale, and Port Orchard. There are 30 Community Action Agencies in the state of Washington that serve all 39 Washington counties.

Over the years, KCR has developed a growing number of programs and services to meet the specific needs of Kitsap County’s low-income populations. We provide these services in partnership with a number of local private and public organizations, including schools, churches, the housing authorities, college, county, state agencies, health district and private businesses.

In 2007, KCR opened the first LEED® certified building in Bremerton by completing its Bremerton Community Services Building at 845 8th St., which holds the distinguished Silver Certification. The project is a model of design, construction, working, learning, and living that contributes to a sustainable way of life.

All KCR programs have a family focus with emphasis placed on cultural sensitivity and awareness of diversity of backgrounds, objectives and experiences. Because our employees are “motivated by our mission”, KCR continues to be applauded as a lead community-based agency that meets low-income family needs.

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