Energy Assistance FAQ’s

What type of documentation do I need to bring with me to the appointment?

You will need to bring your heating bill (if applicable), picture ID’s for everyone 18 yrs. old or older, social security cards for everyone in the household, and proof of homeownership or current rental agreement.

You will also need to bring proof of income for all members of the household for the last 4 months prior to your appointment. This includes but is not limited to: Pay stubs, Unemployment benefits, TANF, GAU, Social Security benefits, Veterans benefits, Pensions, L&I, Self-Employment earnings, Rental income, Child support, and Spousal maintenance.

You may also need to bring the following completed forms:


Do I have to have a disconnect notice in order to receive assistance?

No, you do not need to be in arrears on your energy bill in order to receive energy assistance. We prefer that you make an appointment before you get into a crisis situation.

Can I use the online calendar to make an appointment for any other KCR assistance program?
No, you must call Kitsap Community Resources at (360) 377-0053 to make appointments for ALL other KCR services.
How do I apply if I am homebound?
Mail-in applications are available on a limited basis for those that are homebound or elderly. If you would like to inquire about our mail-in procedure, please call our Energy line: (360) 479-1507. A client assessment is done to determine eligibility for this service.
How often can I get PSE, WEAF, and LIHEAP assistance?
You may receive assistance for each program only once per Energy season.
How is an Energy season defined?
The Energy season runs from October 1st until funding is exhausted.

Funding availability is as follows:

  • PSE: October 1st – September 30th or until funding is exhausted.
  • WEAF: October 1st – September 30th or until funding is exhausted.
  • LIHEAP: January 1st – June 30th or until funding is exhausted.
Are subsidized households eligible for assistance?
What energy programs are available?
  1. PSE Help program – assists Puget Sound Energy customers with electric bills.
  2. WEAF program – assists Cascade Natural Gas customers with gas bills.
  3. LIHEAP program – provides assistance for primary heat sources: electric gas, oil, wood, and propane.
How is my energy grant calculated?
Your grant is based on several factors: total household income for the 3 months prior to your appointment, total number of people residing in the home, housing type, and heat usage. The current amount you owe on your bill is not used in the calculation of your grant.
What if I receive a disconnect notice?

Please call your utility company to find out if payment arrangements can be made. If you cannot work out an arrangement to keep your heat on, please bring your disconnect notice to our Energy office located at 845 8th St, Bremerton, WA 98337 and you will be scheduled for a crisis appointment.

Do I get a check or does KCR send it to my utility company?
Payments will be made directly to your utility company on your behalf.
Can KCR make my home more weatherproof or energy efficient?
KCR may be able to help reduce your heating or cooling costs. Please see Weatherization for more information.
My heating system is broken. Can KCR help?
Emergency heating system repair or replacement is available for income-eligible homeowners only.

If you are a renter, you will need to contact your landlord for repairs. For more information about home heating repair or replacement, please call (360) 473-2045 or (360) 479-1507.

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