COVID-19 Relief Fund


Any amount will benefit someone in your community who is in desperate need because of this unexpected public crisis. Thank you for helping us reduce the negative impact faced by individuals and families.



All 270,000 of us in Kitsap County are being impacted in some way by the current crisis.

In normal times, Kitsap Community Resources serves 10% of Kitsap County residents in need. We know this need is rising daily.

Today more than ever, hardworking Kitsap families are at risk. Everyone from the server who brings your meal, the person who makes your coffee with a smile, small business owners and so many others.

These neighbors will be facing great challenges ahead.

100% of your generosity will go directly towards individuals and families needing immediate relief assistance.*

We will be there for them and hope you will be standing alongside us. Please help us help them.

Would you consider helping your neighbor today? You can help families and your neighbors hit the hardest by this economic crisis now.

*Vulnerability screening will be handled for all individuals and families who apply. Note: some payment options available may have a built-in fee.



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