The Kitsap Great Give is a 24-hr. online fundraising campaign organized by Kitsap Community Foundation, benefiting nonprofit organizations throughout Kitsap County.  

On April 23rd you can participate in this annual fundraiser and designate your gift to support KCR’s efforts to serve the many families who turn to us seeking help.   

The 24-hr. campaign will take place 12 am – 12 pm on April 23rd. You may also donate directly to KCR by using the donate box on this page. 

KCR and the families we serve, thank you!



In Kitsap County, there are more than 24,000 people living at or below the federal poverty level. To visualize this number of people, imagine sitting at a sold-out Mariners game and drawing a line that divided the stadium into two equal parts. More than half of everyone seated on one side of that line would represent the number of people who are –  at this very moment – living in our community without the ability to provide food and shelter for themselves and their families.

17% of that number – 4,000+ – are children under the age of five.

Your donations enable KCR to house the homeless, provide affordable pre-school classes to low-income children, help a displaced worker learn new work skills, and so much more.

We thank you for your monthly donation and commitment to making a lasting impact or for your one-time donation to help those in need.

If you do select “monthly” you can change your donation status at any time.

KCR and the families we serve, thank you!