Board of Directors

As a Community Action Program, KCR is governed by a tripartite Board. The three groups include Low Income Representation, Elected Officials, and the Community At-Large.  To further help KCR focus on community needs, there are five committees: Executive, Finance, Governance, Personnel, and Mission Advancement.

If you are interested in serving as a KCR Board or Committee member, please fill out this form Board Prospect Application and email to




  Shannon Turner, President; Rudy Taylor, Vice President; Tracy Flood, Treasurer; Leslie Daugs, Secretary

Public Official Representatives

Shannon Turner
For Sherry Appleton, 23rd District Rep.

Leslie Daugs
Bremerton Councilmember

Emily Randall
State Senator

Cary Bozeman
Port of Bremerton Commissioner


Community At-Large Representatives

Tracy Flood

Linda Sullivan-Dudzic
Bremerton School District

Gina Lindal

Elaine W. Bryant
Olympic College

John Morrissey

Low Income Representation

Rudy Taylor

Tim Schanne

Jeff Dolven

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