The Parenting Place


KCR recognizes the importance of the family structure and we strive to help families in ways that truly matter. The Parenting Place is one of those ways; offering classes and resources that help family members build positive family relationships and create healthy home environments.

If you and/or your family members are interested in learning more, The Parenting Place can be a great resource for you.

Parenting classes and resources are designed to help:

  • Perpetrators of domestic violence
  • Strengthening Families Program for youth and their parent(s)
  • Nurtured Heart *See flyer here*

New!  2021 Brings a new Virtual Strengthening Families Program. Contact before March 31.    Information Flyer in English             Espanol


 We offer services designed to build strong families in Kitsap County. Our classes for parents and children build on existing strengths, using the Developmental Assets Model. Topics include:


  • Helping children who have witnessed domestic violence
  • Strengthening Families


Click here to pay your tuition for classes.

The Parenting Place Lending Library

The Parenting Place also has books, pamphlets and other resources covering every parenting issue and topic available! Stop by and look at our library and sign up for a parenting class!

For program eligibility information or a current class schedule, please contact us for more information.

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